Viv VostWhen I was younger I could tone my body in just a few weight lifting sessions. As I got older (I just turned 60) I refused to wear tank tops or even short sleeves as I did not like my upper arms. I simply could not get my arms toned no matter what I did. When I started training with Katie and Noelle, honestly, within a few weeks I could see definition in my upper arms and I was stronger! The upper body workout that I was doing on my own was totally wrong and I was wasting my time. Until she showed my correct way to build muscle. She also suggested the right foods to eat after working out to keep the muscle toned. This is a life style for me now and I love it! Katie and Noelle are gentle and patient and I look forward to my training sessions!
-Viv Yost (7am Happy Valley camp)


I found adventure bootcamp online and decided it was just what I needed, I had been in a bit of a workout rut since breaking my ribs and injuring my back in a car accident. Katie and Noelle were helpful and sensitive to my injuries, I was surprised at all the things I was able to do once we began camp. I am very happy with the results, I have lost inches, pounds, and it has really boosted my self-esteem ! I'm looking forward to the next camp!!!

-Caitlin Massey


I had never been self motivated to go to the gym and I was the kind of person who needed someone to push me. When I started Adventure Bootcamp, I was out of
shape and had no endurance. Throughout the 4 weeks, Katie and Noelle pushed me beyond my limits and were so positive in keeping me motivated  that it made me actually WANT to work out, which is something that is all new to me. They are very good about showing you modifications for certain moves if you are unable to properly do them.  By the end of week four, I was amazed to see my results. My improvements were amazing.  I had gained muscle tone, endurance, and was feeling energized. For me, my proudest improvement was my half mile run. During week one, it took me over 7 minutes and had to walk most of that time. In the last week, I cut my time down by 1 minute and ran the whole way. I thank Katie and Noelle for all their help and encouragement and am happy to say that I have made health and fitness a way of life.
-Laney Quigley

I started the Power Half Hour program three weeks ago after not regularly working out for close to a year. I’ve already begun to see an improvement in my endurance, strength, and I feel more toned. I’ve also become more conscious of my diet. Katie and Noelle are great trainers and give me the boost I need to keep motivated and push through the workout.  For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to working out! Meeting twice a week for 30-minutes has been extremely convenient, perfect for any busy work/family schedule.

-Joana Micorescu (5:30pm class)


" Adventure Boot Camp helped me finally breakout of my exercise rut.  Each day worked a different muscle group, helping me gain strength and definition that I have not been able toachieve on my own.  Noelle and Katie are awesome trainers, they made me laugh, kept me going when I thought I had nothing left, and overall kept the routines unpredictable, challenging and fun!  I loved the all-women atmosphere and camaraderie and support amongst the campers.  Not to mention, I went down a whole size!!"

- Hannah Boeck




Hey ladies,

LOVE the class - I can't tell you how nice it is to get my tush up in the morning and work out with a bunch of fun girls, and have accomplished something before 10am! You're both motivational and push us hard! Thank you for using the time well - in the past, I have not had that experience. I'm looking forward to the next 3 weeks ;-)

- Brandi Durkee (8:30am Lake oswego camp)




I signed up for 'Power Half Hour Fit Program' to help me stay in shape after running a 12k race. The south waterfront park is a perfect setting for the 'PHH' workouts. The positive of everyone in the fit program makes the challenging workouts fun and fly by in no time. During the intense workouts, Katie and Noelle were able to inspire me to push myself to a whole new level of dedication to finish the workouts for me. So far, I have lost 10lbs since joining 'PHH'. I have already recommended 'PHH' to two other friends that have joined and definitely suggest Power Half Hour to anyone that is thinking about joining, to go for it!

- Leif Iverson (5:30pm class)



I want to tell you that I have truly enjoyed the last 2 months of boot camp. Through this camp, the chronic pain in my shoulder has subsided a lot, and I can feel that it is stronger! Thank you for that! This pain has not been this minimal in about 5 years!!! And I actually have wanted to go for runs...that's never happened! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you guys!
- Cori Carroll (5:30am Happy Valley Camp)



I joined Power Half Hour over two months ago, really not knowing what to expect.  I wasn’t in the greatest shape, so was a little nervous and hesitant about joining a group session.  I soon found out I had nothing to worry about.  Katie and Noelle were not only motivating, but they were able to tailor different exercises and methods to match the individual skills and endurance levels of the participants.  Their intense workouts are a potent combination of endurance, strength, speed, and flexibility.  Since joining, my body fat percentage has dropped; I look and feel much better, and have more energy throughout the day. The best part; it’s only 30 minutes long, twice a week.  I strongly recommend Power Half Hour, or one of their other programs to anyone who wants to get into better shape, increase their stamina, or simply look and feel better. -Josh Williams (5:30pm class)


I moved to the Portland area this summer and immediately started looking for an outdoor boot camp. I'd been attending an Adventure Boot Camp in San Jose for the past year, and knew I needed to keep the exercise going. There weren't a lot of choices in the 'burbs, but luckily I stumbled on Lake Oswego Adventure Boot Camp.

 I started in August and what a fun summer and fall it's been! The fantastic trainers are Katie and Noelle; they are very energetic, supportive, and funny, even at 5:30am! Every workout has been unique; I can't think of one complete repeat. That keeps things interesting, challenging, and definitely not boring. I've consistently burned 400+ calories (as per my heart rate monitor) each workout, which for me is awesome. If you can't do a move, they provide alternate exercises to avoid injury. After just  a couple months with the camp, I've developed some nicely ripped arms! I've upped my workouts to 4 days a week, and am considering 5 days a week, even though I live 10 miles away. LOABC is that awesome! ~ Deb Fant (5:30am Lake Oswego camp)


I needed a jump start, something to get me motivated to start an exercise routine.  The gym has never worked for me.  I could never get myself to go.  I signed up for Lake Oswego Adventure Boot Camp in July.  I felt intimidated, especially since I have been pretty much sedentary for the last nine years.  I thought it was a program for the dramatically fit. That is not the case!  Katie and Noelle are not only phenomenal trainers, but are so encouraging and supportive. They make you feel amazing just for being there!  This boot camp encompasses all shapes, sizes, and levels.  No one is left behind or will feel inferior.    

Being a runner way back in the day, even having a few half marathons under my belt…I knew I would have no problem staring this program.  My first day was one of the most humbling experiences I have had in recent years.   I was unable to make it through the warm-up without being completely exhausted.  That only lasted about a week.  Within my first six weeks, I dropped one size…fast forward six months later; I am the strongest I have ever been!  I have muscles in places I thought I would never see.  I have dropped a total of three sizes.  

 I know I could not keep up the same regimen of intense circuit training if I worked on my own.  Each day we have a different workout.   We have so much fun during class.  We laugh, encourage and support each other, and applaud even the smallest victories of our fellow boot campers!  The strength, weight loss, and endurance I have gained are secondary to how proud I am of myself for achieving a new level of confidence.  Katie and Noelle, have an amazing source of integrity, encouragement, inspiration, and compassion!  Thank you for making our health and fitness your passion!Kari Perry (8:30am Lake Oswego camp)


Renee Meade -- Last January I had labs drawn and it showed high cholesterol and it wasn't the good kind. It was the kind that leads to stroke, and heart disease and heart attack (which stroke is in my family history) anyway, this freaked me out a little being only 32 and not overweight and not really having a terrible diet. My doctor said exercise and diet to get it lowered and I was kind of bummed out because I was running so much at the time too. I didn't change to much in my diet other that a little more fish and oatmeal in the mornings. I do like my donuts and ice cream but that wasn't out of control so I didn't cut that out (you have to enjoy some things).  Anyway, the biggest change is that I started coming to your classes and getting a really great work out! That has to be it! Even though I ran so much before your classes, it's not the same. I am so relieved to have the levels normal. It is so crazy how someone can appear healthy but is not, I am one that hides my fat in my blood stream...yuck! I'm happy I found out early and could do something about it and thank you for an awesome class to help me. --Oct. 2013-- (5:30am Happy Valley camp)


Cara BrownAs a stay at home mom with small kids, I was struggling to find the motivation to get up and workout on my own.  I decided to do something for myself and I started at Happy Valley Adventure Bootcamp in April and I think it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Since I joined this group my life has been transformed, not just physically but mentally too.  There is such awesome camaraderie between the ladies in our class, and also within the entire Adventure Bootcamp family.  Katie is always changing up our work outs and pushing us to new levels....6 months in and I still get sore after every single workout!  Never in my life did I believe that I would enjoy waking up at 4:45 in the morning 3-4 days/week.  Adventure Bootcamp is my "me time" and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it! ~ Cara Brown (5:30am Happy Valley camp)


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